If you are in komodo and you want a good dive site here are some examples.

Batu bolong

At Batu bolong you will be diving from 80 feet to 100 feet 24m to 30m. During the dive you are likely to see giant tuna,napoleon wrasse,reef sharks and hawksbill turtles.

Manta alley/point

A few of the reasons manta alley point is such a great dive site is because it’s a great dive dive site for all level divers,there can be some strong currents but other than that it’s a great site for everybody. At manta alley point you will be diving from 40 feet to 50 feet 12m to 15m. When you are on the dive you are likely to see mantas, schooling fusiliers, trigger fish,wrasse and reef sharks.

Castle rock

Castle rock as you probably guessed is a big rock but it’s not just a big rock in the middle of the ocean it’s a great dive site with a bottom of 100 feet 30m but comes up to about 15 feet 5m in lots of places so it’s a great place for a safe dive with deep spots.


shotgun has rapid currents and can carry divers down the current. You will start at a reef and follow the current down into a cauldron with a depth of about 60 to75 feet 18 to 20m and then brings you up the shotgun a steep going up a wall and through a break in the reef. On this dive you might see mantas, schooling fish and barracuda as you go past but throughout the ride you will see other marine life.